Let the adventures begin!!!

Jessica Cabral-Lafreniere

“Choose to teach differently, and keep students’ curiosity and interests at the heart of everything you do.” -Collette J

Leap #1: Analyse a mentor text #EDC534


This story is motivated by the library having a contest to write the best story and win a rollercoaster ride with her favorite author. The pigtailed blonde character sets out to win the prize but what makes the best story? Her family suggests their amusing ideas on what makes the best story and she rewrites her story every time. Then she realizes with her mom’s recommendation that the best story comes from the heart.

Summary from School Library Journal

1. Who is the author and what is the purpose?

The Best Story is written by Eileen Spinelli and illustrations by Anne Wilsderf. Eileen writes picture books, poetry, and chapter books. She is an IRA/CBC Children’s Choice book and Christopher Award Winner. This book teaches the importance of characters demonstrating their voice. The main character lacks confidence in her own work but learns to showcase her writing because its authentic. This book has a great message for students and proves writing for students can be a challenge, which I agree, but always stay true.

2. What techniques are used to attract and hold your attention?

This short story has colorful and quirky illustrations. It grabs your attention and is great for younger students. The text accompanies the pages and makes the story easy to follow along. The settings changed every time the main character changed her story and made it exciting. The story had creative ideas on the family’s different thoughts and included tons of action. The illustrations really grabbed my attention and had a great positive example for students.

3. How might different people interpret this message?

I think this book teaches the importance of believing in yourself and readers should discover the message at the end. The Best Story has a positive message but the quirky story might only appeal to younger students and could be chaotic for some reasons. I think the story is cute and funny. I’m not sure if people would interpret the message differently because the positive example is clear. People need to believe their product is the best and not to impress someone else. We all have different opinions but what comes from the heart no one can match.

4. What lifestyle values, and point of view are represented?

The main character in the story has a difficult process writing a story for the contest. She asks every family member their advice about writing the best story and everyone gives a different answer. The last advice given was to believe in herself and write from the heart. This book represents that everybody has different views on what’s best but what matters is the story from her heart.

5. What is omitted?

The only part in the story omitted is the ending because it doesn’t write if she won the contest. I know its not the point of the story but I would love to know if the character won and got to ride the rollercoaster.